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What does it feel like to fly in an Air Force Academy Glider?

Sit for a few hours in your backyard or go on a hike in a nearby park. Either way, you are bound to see an Air Force Academy Glider in Colorado Springs. These aircrafts have become part of the scenery of the city. But while it never surprises a resident to see gliders in the sky, very few individuals know much about the gliders—other than the fact that they are from the Air Force Academy and likely contain a cadet. The following will provide a little information about these gliders and what it is like to fly one. 

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Top 10 Colorado Springs Hiking Trails

Whether you have lived in this area your entire life or just rolled into town, we’ve discovered that many people don’t know about, or haven’t taken time, to stroll down the amazing local hiking trails. We’d like to give you a few insights into some of our most popular Colorado Springs trail systems.

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Briargate: Local Events You May Not Know About

End of summer, beginning of fall. This season beckons in the new school year, leaves are changing colors, and a lot of community events in Briargate. The following breaks down just a few of the lesser-known local functions that will help you to decide what to do in Briargate.

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Colorado Springs Dog Parks

In this post, we’ll go over the Colorado Springs dog parks that are available, give you an honest review of each, and provide you with the tools to make an informed decision as to which parks the dog in your life will enjoy most.

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10 Best Colorado Springs Fall Colors Destinations

Red, orange, yellow—the colors of fall. They never fail to inspire awe or create a little bit of happiness. And while they can be enjoyed from your kitchen window or as you drive down the streets of Colorado Springs, their full splendor can only truly be enjoyed a little bit further outside of town. To help you find that splendor, here is a list of the top ten Colorado Springs fall color destinations—all of them are under two hours away, making them a perfect mini-vacation for you and your family. 

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